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  please use other email address  
  in case you have only hotmail address,
  after send reservation inquiry, 
check hotmail  SPAM box please

 Check-IN  :   14:00 ~ 24:00
 Early check-in  :  if there is any available room,
 The Early check-in  will be available from 09:00

 Check-Out  :  11:00
 Free Baggage Keeping Service Available

 Cancelation :
 1. If you need to cancel  or change your booking,
    Please let us know by email or phone  as soon as possible.

2. If you notice that you are arriving later than  the time 
   mentioned, you must contact the hostel to let  them know.
   Otherwise your booking  will be cancelled
   after 2 hours following your arrival time.

phone number must be correct  and contactable directly.
We sometime call to the number, if no-answer, wrong number,
the reservation can be canceled without notifice.

   Fill out the information and send it please.


  Guest Information

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. City, Country

  4. Phone

  Reservation Information

  1. Check - In


  2. Check -Out


  3. Room Type

  4. Total Rooms

  5. Total Person

  6. Arrival Time

 Seoul Hostel   arrival  time.



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EMail   : seoulhostelcenter@gmail.com
Phone : +82-2-3673-3671
Web    :
Address  : 6 Cheung-Jin-dong, Jonno-gu, Seoul Korea

Hours of Business:    08:00 - 24:00  

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