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  WAY TO COME  #1  .  from  6002 BUS STOP  


Jongno 1-ga  BUS STOP  ( 6002  Airport Bus )


See  opposite side of  Jonno 1 Ga  BUS STOP.
Cross the road to  SAMSUNG MOBILE shop.
Enter to side road of the SAMSUNG Mobile shop.



Go straight  to  Jongno Office.   ( see the Main entrance gate  above. )
Turn right  in front of the traditional style main entrance.



Go straight to BURGER KING  (  THe Building name is HOSOO , see the top of the building )


Seoul Hostel Center  is Opposite   side of the  BURGER KING.


Elevator is at  2nd floor.     Check-in  desk is at  6th floor.  


  WAY TO COME  #2  .  from  JONG GAK  Station ( Subway Line 1 & Line 5 ) 


If you come by Subway ( Line 1 & Line 5 ),   leave the train at   Jong-gak Station  EXIT 2..
From the Exit 2,  go on to walk staright as you come up, until you can see the first cross section. it's about  100 meter walk.

the name " Jong-Gak " is the name of  pavilion for special Bell.  korean call it  BO SIN GAK ( See above )  * Don't go  to this way.
also, at the  EXIT 2, you can see the Jongno Tower ( see above )  * Don't go  to this way.
the upper part of the building is a good restaurant.  this building is quite famous in central Seoul.  it will make you not lost the way to come.




On the way to the first cross, you will pass   the  large T.  it's a language shool for foreign language. English, Chinese etc..
walk one minute ,  you can see  Cafe 7 gram (coffee shop) and
Dunkin Donuts.


Turn left  and walk about  100 meter again.   you will see Seoul Hostel Center.     See  STARBUCKS  in front of  Seoul hostel Center.



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